Welcome to the Triad Discount Homes, JV Deal Cash Buyer Submission Page, where you can connect your investors to our deals for a solid fee. Only investors that can close on the property quickly, and in cash, will be considered. Profits will be split 70/30 on the referrals you submit.

Submission Guidelines:
In order to best assist you, we kindly ask that you completely fill out the referral submission form below. Before filling out the form consider the following:

Our disposition manager will contact you and let you know how to access the property. If it is on a lock box, we will provide the lock box code, to the investor directly.

We are looking for investors that can close in 14 days, or less, in order to provide a quick close for our sellers. Buyers should have $2,000 earnest money deposit ready for the closing attorney, to secure the deal.

*If your investors offer is accepted, profits will be split 70/30 on all deals*

You will be paid a referral fee, that will be outlined in “Other Terms” on the assignment contract. The closing attorney will have a check ready for you after closing.

Thank you for reaching out to work with us. We look forward to building a strong relationship with you through future deals. Let’s Make Money Together!

** All leads will be updated within hours of the next business day**

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Let's make money together!
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